Lab : Cellular Immunology
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1999: Ph.D., Department of Life Science, POSTECH
1996: M.S., Department of Life Science, POSTECH
1994: B.S., Department of Life Science, POSTECH 

Research Interests

Immune regulation between the host immune system and the gut 'microbiota' Regulation of hematopoietic stem & progenitor cells and the cancer stem cells Development of mucosal antigen presenting cells and CD4 T helper subsets

Selected Publications

1. Lee, SW et al., (2011) J Immunol 186, 6972-6980.
2. Lee, SW et al., (2010) Eur J Immunol 40, 2762-2768.
3. Lee, SW et al., (2009) J Immunol. 182:6753-6762.
4. Lee, SW et al., (2008) Nat Immunol 9:917-926.

[Major Research Achievements]

Regulation of CD4 T helper differentiation and mucosal antigen presenting cells Identification of the role of TNF/TNFR family molecules in hematopoiesis and development of dendritic cells Studies about TNFR family molecules in modulating T cell responses Development of DNA vaccines against Hepatitis C virus