The Division of Integrative Biosciences and Biotechnology (IBB) offers a multidisciplinary graduate program that conducts R&D and produces world-class talents equipped with quantitative, systemic, integrative thinking abilities through basic understanding, analysis and application of various biological phenomena, and a coursework that integrates basic science with engineering. The graduate program offers the curriculum in two tracks: Bioscience Track and Biotechnology Track.

(1) Integrative Bioscience Track

provides comprehensive education and research curriculum regarding biological phenomena from the single molecular level to the system level through theories, logic systems, technologies and quantitative methodologies developed in various areas including life sciences, chemistry, physics and computer engineering.

(2) Integrative Biotechnology Track

The Biotechnology Track focuses on education and research for understanding biological phenomena and their applications by combining engineering methodologies such as bioengineering and mechanical engineering, knowledge and technologies. To this end, engineering analysis methods, tools as well as biological knowledge for engineering purposes are introduced.


  • Integrative Program: Course Credits 27, Research Credits 33 (Overall 60 Credits)
  • Doctoral Program: Course Credits 18, Research Credits 14 (Overall 32 Credits)
Type M.S-Ph.D Integrated Program Doctoral Program
TRACK Bioscience Biotechnology
33 credits (Variable) 14 credits (Variable)
Bio-Imaging Technology
Advanced Membrane Biology
More than 18 credits
(Mandatory : 3 credits)
Biosciences related :
more than 9credits
Biotechnology related:
more than 9credits
Electives :
More than 15 credits
※ Considering the nature of the multidisciplinary program and the diversity and speed of advancement in study areas and the principle of personalized coursework designed for individual preference, 60 credits are required for Integrative (27 course credits and 33 research credits). 32 credits are required for Doctoral program integrative program (18 course credits and 14 research credits)