Division of IBB
  • POSTECH(Pohang University of Science and Technology) Life Science Building Room #203 77 Cheongam-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang Gyeongsangbuk, Republic of Korea 37673
  • Tel. +82-54-279-8281~8286
  • e-mail: ibb-admin@postech.ac.kr

How to get to Pohang City


  • From Seoul to Singyeongju by KTX (Approximately 2 hours) and transfer to an intercity bus to Pohang (Approximately 40 mins)
  • From Seoul to Pohang by KTX (Approximately 2 and half hours)
  • As the fare and schedule are subject to change without prior notice, please visit http://www.korail.com befroe use.

By Express Bus

  • The Express Bus Terminal connects Pohang from other cities in Korea including Seoul, Daejun, and Kwangju. Under normal traffic conditions, it takes about 4hr 5minutes from Seoul, 3hr 10minutes from Daejun, and 4hr from Kwangju. For more information, please visit: www.kobus.co.kr.


Coming to POSTECH(from the station or the bus terminal)

From Pohang KTX Station

  • A cab ride will take 2~30 minutes and cost about KRW 10,000.

From Pohang Intercity Bus Terminal

  • Bus #105 will take you from the Intercity Bus Terminal to the bus stop across the East Gate. A cab will cost about KRW 4,000. From the bus stop, the administration building is a five minute walk, and the Housing Office takes about eight to ten minutes on foot.

From Pohang Express Bus Terminal

  • It is best to take a cab from the terminal to the campus, and it will cost about KRW 5,000. There is no bus that comes directly from the terminal to campus.