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The Study Abroad Program

Division of IBB is pleased to announce the study abroad program for IBB students which is supported by NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea) from March~August,2012. The purpose of this program is providing opportunity for IBB students to study and have an research experience at the Institution of IBB oversea faculty.

Please note that the budget for this program will be supported studying at the Institution of IBB oversea faculty only. If you are interested in participating in this program, please see below for the program details and application process,

1. Program details

  1. ◎ Research Institution : Original institutions of IBB oversea faculty only.
  2. ◎ Program period : March ~ August, 2012
  3. ◎ Support period : minimum 1month~ 6months(1 semester)
  4. ◎ The Airfare and living expenses ($1,791/per month) will be supported.
  5. ◎ Submission due date : 2 months prior to the program (The application process will be taking 1month until get a approval from NRF.)

*ex) If you want to start the program from July, You should submit the required documents until May.

2. Requirements

  1. ◎ IBB Graduate students in Ph.D. or M.S.& Ph.D. combined program
  2. ◎ Student must get an approval from academic advisor and IBB oversea faculty of the institution
  3. ◎ The evaluation score should be above 70.(Evaluated by Division)
  4. ◎ Evaluation factors

Research Plan

Necessity of Research

Initiative of Oversea faculty

Utilization of Research Result

English Ability








3. Required Documents (See the attachment for details)

  1. ◎ Program Application
  2. ◎ Detailed research schedule
  3. ◎ Invitation letter from oversea faculty of institution
  4. ◎ Original flight invoice(After you got the approval from div.)


[ English Application / Korean Application ]